Tuesday, September 16, 2014

deep thoughts by cale g.

Let me just set this little scene for you…  

Lily was sharing at the dinner table last night about a little girl who hasn’t been very nice to her lately. Now I know Lily can be soooooooooooo Lily-ish, but she is a girl who loves her friends. Oh, they clash sometimes… like 5 year olds who want to be in charge, but she loves them.  So we’re talking about this particular little girl, how she’s sometimes mean… and sassy… and storms off when it’s not her way. We talk about how Lily should still be kind to this little girl, but that doesn’t mean she has to take all that mean sass either.

Lily: “… and she was mean-a-me!”

Me: “well…”

Cale (who doesn’t even look up from his enchiladas): “I don’t know why anybody would go for a girl like that.”

And just like that… end of discussion… I just couldn’t… I mean I had nothing else. Nothing. He just wrapped it and tied it with a pretty little bow.

***Note:  to any girl who might ever be interested in Cale… apparently he doesn’t like mean girls. 

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