Tuesday, November 11, 2014

joo-bee 101

had to stop for gas after leaving the office tonight. as we got ready to pull out, the following conversation happened...

me: "lily, did you get your seat belt on?"

lily: "yep."

me: "ok, just making sure. i can see a policeman up ahead."

lily: "we don't want to get stopped."

me: "nope."

lily: "if he stops us, we might go to jail... and that would be no fun."

me: "you're right. that would not be fun."

lily: "we might go to jail... or we might go to joo-bee."


lily: "you know mom, jail is for adults and joo-bee is for kids."

me: "hold on, did you just say ju-vee?"

lily: "yes, joo-bee. it's where kids go when they hafta go to jail."

me: "oh my... ok, lily... um, where did you hear about joo-bee?"

lily: "from gracie. she said kids go to joo-bee when they go to jail. kids like to go to joo-bee."

me: "lily, kids do not like to go to joo-bee. it's not a fun place."

lily: "i know. i was kidding. it's not a fun place. they make 'em eat yucky stuff."

me: "oh yeah, like what?"

lily: "ummm... like rotten fish. and when they're bad they get bad emails sent."

at this point i decided it best to just keep the remainder of my questions and comments to myself...

and just in case you're wondering, gracie has completely denied any part of her sister hearing about "joo-bee"...


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