Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time for school: the first day

These little folks... The tribe I birthed... This was a big day for them, for all of us. Today was the first day of school. It was super big. This year we made a move. It is back to a previous school for the older two, and it's a totally new school for the youngest. 

I've been sooo emotional about all of this. Lots of prayer and many tears have led to big changes for our family. Sometimes you just obey, even when you don't understand. Trusting. That's where we are, where we choose to take our stand. 

This is such an amazing year. It's our last first day of first grade... and the only year they'll all be in elementary together. Forever. They're growing and changing right before my eyes. Some days I don't notice anything, and other days the changes unfold before my very eyes. Today was a day of watching it all unfold. I watched my babies courageously walk into brand new classrooms, without "their people", and take on this new adventure with nervous excitement.

We are giddy, anticipating what all God has in store for them this year... Here's to another year!!!